Have you ever bought an appliance, then six months later it breaks down and you scramble around looking for the guarantee? Finally you find it, send it into the manufacturer with the gadget and either get a new one or your money back! Either way it is a win win situation for you.
So when the Lord says in 2 Corinthians 1:22 that “He is giving us His Holy Spirit in our hearts as the security deposit and guarantee of the fulfillment of His promise,” He is saying His promises are true and accurate and He guarantees it. But we have to do our part and believe whatever promise in the Word that applies to our situation. We can’t just sit back and expect it just to happen for us like a play on a stage. “Then the Lord said to me, you have seen well, for I am alert and active, watching over my word to perform it.” Jeremiah 1: 12 AMP.
He wants to fulfill His word to you, but your mouth is your weapon against the enemy, so it is up to you to use it. “Put me in remembrance, let us argue together, set forth your case, that you may be proved together.” Is 43:26 ESV

Making Room For The Anointing,

Keith & Mary



On Easter Sunday Jesus rose from the dead to be the final sacrifice for anything you have ever missed the mark on in your life. If you pray and ask Him to forgive you, He washes away every sin you have ever committed. This is why He says “I am the resurrection and the life...” He can resurrect anything, any relationship you have that has gone off, any part of your body that needs healing, or any problem in your finances. The day of my mother’s funeral I was reading that scripture in John . As we drove up to the gravesite, I glanced to one side and saw an old tombstone with the same scripture on it. Then during the graveside ceremony, an Episcopalian priest officiated along with my husband Keith. I had grown up at Dr Hall’s church but never heard scripture there. As he was praying over the coffin, out comes the same verse in JOHN again! I knew the Lord was talking to me. He was confirming that, just like Jesus was resurrected, so would my mother be and I would see her again in eternity. Let the Lord resurrect things in your life this Easter weekend that may seem dead and buried. There is nothing too hard for the Lord and His resurrection power.

21 Then Martha said to Jesus, “Lord, if You had been here, my brother would not have died. 22 Even now I know that whatever You ask of God, God will give to You.” 23 Jesus told her, “Your brother will rise [from the dead].” 24 Martha replied, “I know that he will rise [from the dead] in the resurrection on the last day.” 25 Jesus said to her, “ I am the Resurrection and the Life. Whoever believes in (adheres to, trusts in, relies on) Me [as Savior] will live even if he dies; 26 and everyone who lives and believes in Me [as Savior] will never die. Do you believe this?” 27 She said to Him, “Yes, Lord; I have believed and continue to believe that You are the Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed), the Son of God, He who was [destined and promised] to come into the world [and it is for You that the world has waited].”

JOHN 11:21-27 amp

Making Room For The Anointing,

Keith & Mary

The Solution

nick-karvounis-156112-unsplash 2.jpg

So many problems in today’s world but only one answer: The Great Commission. When you make an appointment to go to the Doctor, you are not just going to find out about your problem, you are looking for an answer.
 Jesus tells us in Mark 16: 15-18 to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”
 Then He gives specific directions on how to do this in the next two verses:
“These signs will accompany those who have believed: in My Name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues; they will pick up serpents, and if they drink anything deadly, it will not hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick and they will get well.” So if the Holy Spirit opens doors for you to do any of these actions, you are operating in the Great Commission.
I was reading the Christian history of Egypt this week and found out that Mark was sent out there to Alexandria by Peter, the apostle. When Mark (who wrote the same gospel) arrived there his sandal was broken. He took it to a shoemaker, and waited for him to fix it. The artisan hurt his hand while fixing the strap and what did Mark do? He laid hands on the man’s hand for healing and he was instantly made whole.  This miracle with the help of a church Mark established in Alexandria, established the Coptic Christian Church in Egypt and converted something like half of Alexandria.  Something as simple as a broken sandal brought half of a city to the Lord. Watch where the Holy Spirit takes you this week and see what opportunities He opens up for you. Adventures in faith!!

Making Room For The Anointing,

Keith & Mary



What is so interesting about the Holy Spirit is that He teaches us everything we can’t see in the natural. He shows us mysteries and divine secrets about the Lord and His ways. The Holy Ghost is our first and foremost Teacher. There is a saying, ‘ When the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear.’ Are you ready for more of the Holy Spirit to lead and guide your life today?
When you allow the Him to pray through you, He builds you up on the inside. This is called the edification process, like 1 Corinthians 14:4 describes: “ He that speaks in an unknown tongue edifies himself but he that prophesies edifies the church.”
This word “edification” comes from the word “edifice.” An edifice is a massive magnificent building. Not just a townhouse but a superstructure like the Empire State building. When you pray in tongues, you are actually creating a superstructure, a divine operation on the inside of your spirit to house the anointing of God. You are also praying yourself into your divine calling. And what is so great about tongues is that your spirit is communicating directly with the Lord, and the enemy cannot understand what you say. It is your private prayer language to Him .
Your Heavenly Father is continually in touch with the life of every believer. His ways are so much higher than our ways, it is above human thinking on how He does it, but He does. When you pray in the Spirit, you immediately enter into divine communication with God Himself. The Lord picks up the telephone on the other end, and says, ‘I know that is you, and I know what you want. And because the wisdom of the Holy Spirit is praying through you, know that the answer is on its way for you, and there is nothing the devil can do about it.’
That is why the enemy hates praying in tongues and does everything he can to distract you from doing it. He has absolutely not idea what you are saying to God. It makes him nervous. He has no jurisdiction when the Holy Spirit creates that supernatural language inside of you. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who has come and made His abode on the inside of you. Your flesh is a type of the outer court, your soul  is the inner court. But your born again, recreated spirit is a type of the Holy of Holies – and nobody except your High Priest is allowed inside there.
So make a decision to spend more time praying in the spirit. John Osteen, Pastor Joel Osteen’s Dad, used to say if Christians would just spend ten minutes a day praying in tongues, it would change their lives. Get ready for a life altering change!!

Making Room For The Anointing,

Keith & Mary


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Romans 9:1 says Paul knew he was on the right track because his conscience was prompted by the Holy Spirit. You know you can plan your actions all day long, but if the Spirit of God does not bear witness with you, it will not be God's best. The mind does help the spirit at times, but your best results will be when your mind and your spirit are working together. However the promptings of the spirit should always be honored above the mind. 

If you know in your spirit that something is wrong, you should not allow reasoning to talk you into doing it. On the other hand, don't allow your reasoning to talk you out of doing something right! Let the Holy Spirit bear witness with you whether something is right or wrong. Allow your conscience to always be enlightened or prompted by the Holy Spirit. 

"My conscience (enlightened and prompted) by the Holy Spirit always bearing witness with me..." Romans 9:1

Making Room For The Anointing,

Keith & Mary



Listen, if the Lord is calling you to something new in your life, you can't just sit back on your haunches and say, "Well, maybe I will get to that later...". Now might be the only time this opportunity is going to pass you by. All good things come to those who wait, but don't procrastinate. Obeying God today might cost you time, money or even your reputation. Your opinions might not square up with man’s opinions, but if God be for you, who can be against you. There might be a tithe or offering you are supposed to give but you have been hesitating about it. This could be the very thing the Lord will use for your breakthrough to what stands against you. We had our house on the market for over a year in the early 80’s and no one was looking at it. An evangelist was speaking in our church for a week and lots of people were coming to the altar for salvation. Keith turned to me during the offering and said, we need to sow a seed. We were in total agreement, gave a valuable gold coin, and 21 days later the house sold for cash!

2019 is a year of extremes, and you listening and obeying the Holy Spirit will bring you extreme blessing in whatever area He is leading you in. His favor will surround you like a shield once you make a move, but the key word here is getting into motion.

Making Room For The Anointing,

Keith & Mary



Sometimes only God can make something happen in your life.  When the enemy gets you impatient, frustrated and fretful, it is just your flesh attempting to get something done.
You can pray and believe for a breakthrough, and it seems like nothing is happening. But Jesus explains that to us in the patient farmer of Mark 4:26-28. This man sows his seed and then goes his way, sleeping and rising. Eventually the ground brings forth its yield on its own. “The earth produces (acting) by itself, first the blade, then the ear, then the full grain in the ear.” V. 28. Acting by itself!  Sometimes you plant your seed and just leave it alone, water it with praise, and let God give the increase. We used to use a phrase, “You are not the Holy Ghost Junior,” LOL.
The farmer doesn’t exactly know when the harvest will come, but his job is to get up in the morning, do his work, and go to bed at night. He keeps his patient vigil over the seed he has sown until he receives his harvest.
The Lord is trying to tell us this is how we should respond to God, but we are often impatient. The farmer never knows when his crop is going to come in but he continues faithfully to enrich his crops and cultivate his soil.  If we hear what the Lord is saying here and follow His lead, that crop will produce for you in no time.
Making Room For The Anointing,

Keith and Mary



Believers are supposed to bring heaven to earth in their workplace. Your heart of excellence service and willingness to do the least tasks will speak volumes for the kingdom. We were blessed when ministering in Taiwan several years ago to see this very polite man standing at the elevator in a jumpsuit, ushering people in and out. We later found out he was the Asian president of Adidas. His heart was to serve the Lord any way he could, regardless of who he was. You know when people see a servants heart in their leaders, they have a desire to serve as well. But as you serve in your work, your church or your community, you can change culture. Go for the prize!! You may have to surf that big wave, it can be scary and uncomfortable but you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.  


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You might be presenting a contract, buying a house or offering your services of some kind, and the Lord wants you to lean upon His favor. That’s what He did with a little peasant girl in Persia, or modern day Iran. Esther was Jewish to boot, a race that was (and still is) anathema in that country. Nevertheless, she was chosen to become the Queen of that country. And an eternal flame burns in that country for her standing up to save the Jewish race in Persia at that time.
Never forget, God’s favor is your trump card, His grace can supercede anything and anyone. A young couple had saved up enough money to buy a house and had had their eyes on one in the foothills. This was a gorgeous property, it overlooked the whole town and even resembled a castle on the outside, However a lot of other people liked it as well, and offers were pouring in, even above the asking price. So this couple prayed for supernatural favor – they had waited several years for this house to come on the market and they knew it was theirs. Eventually they had an opportunity to relay the message to the owner that they were ministers and wanted to use the house for home groups and bible studies.  The owner was shocked because years ago, his grandmother had prophesied to him in Peru that he would go to America, become successful and be able to buy property because of the Hand of God on his life. She also said “When it comes time to sell it, let it go to another Christian couple that can use it for the Lord.” The man chose to sell it to the couple in spite of higher offers from other people. The favor of God flowed freely on this young couples’ life, because they believed for it.
When you are up against a seemingly impossible situation, ask the Lord to open a door of supernatural favor for you. Let it be something that you or no one could do in the natural. If His favor can make a peasant girl a Queen, or a young couple to own a castle, He can give you the desires of your heart. Think big in 2019! Stretch your faith and ask Him to cover you with His grace.
Esther 2:16 (AMP)
“So Esther was taken to King Ahasuerus into his royal palace in the tenth month, the month of Tebeth, in the seventh year of his reign. And the king loved Esther more than all the women, and she obtained grace and favor in his sight more that all the maidens, so that he set the royal crown on her head and made her queen instead of Vashti.”

Making Room For The Anointing,

Keith and Mary


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We enroll in college, masters programs, conferences, language school and even Drivers Education courses. Are you open to enroll in the school of the Holy Spirit this year? He can give you and education that far exceeds anything you can learn in a traditional classroom. Ask Him to teach you through the Word and have it confirmed by experiences in life.

Once when I was going through a dark time with one of our children, I opened the Bible and the Lord gave me Psalms 113:9; “He makes the barren woman to be a joyful mother of spiritual children..” So I quietly asked the Lord what He meant here, and revelation came. If I wanted my children to be spiritual, I had to have a joyful attitude about life.

Depression is weakness but joy is your strength. The Holy Spirit was leading me out of a potentially depressing situation into a higher place. When you rejoice in the midst of circumstances, you are demonstrating that you are believing for victory in spite what you see.

Making Room For The Anointing,

Keith and Mary



“And do not for a moment  be frightened or intimidated in anything by your opponents and adversaries, for such constancy and fearlessness will be a clear sign and  proof and seal to them of their impending destruction, but a sure token and evidence of your deliverance and salvation and that from God….” Phil 1:28

Those two words, constancy and fearlessness is what you and I need to display in the face of attacks by the enemy, both physical and spiritual. When people or situations come against you to destroy you, you have to stand firm and confident that God is going to turn this around for your good. You don’t have to change or be moved, but you stay steady and let God do the changing.

But God will not do anything without you inviting Him. Pray and ask Him to change your circumstances. Then stand still and see the salvation of the Lord!

Do you know why your constancy and fearlessness show Satan he will fail?

Because he realizes the only way he can overcome a believer is by deception and intimidation.  Don’t let the devil bully you!! He won’t be able to when you are not afraid of him. Don’t let fear, anger or depression move you, choose to stand firmly on the word of God. Stay constant and fearless and you will overcome the enemy every time.

Making Room For The Anointing,

Keith and Mary



“Every promise from the faithful God is pure and proves to be true. He is a wrap-around shield of protection to run to hide in Him.” Prov 30:5 TPT

He will prove to you that His word is the truth this year of 2019 if you will take scriptures that are quickened to you and use them as “smart bombs” against the enemy. Write down specific words that He speaks to your heart, memorize and meditate them as personal words to you. He is promising to protect you here from any source of destruction from the enemy, as a “wrap around shield.” Think how a nice wool coat wraps around you in these winter month: that is the same way the Lord wraps you in His protection as you hide in His promises.

Making Room For The Anointing,

Keith and Mary



You might have a great case against an issue, person or situation this year, but there may be something you have overlooked. Be sure to go before the Lord and ask Him for His will in starting something.  There was a story Kenneth Hagin told about a situation that happened to him and his family as a travelling minister when he first started out.  They were staying at the house of the pastor while they conducted a week of meetings at his church. Every day the pastor would leave the house early in the morning, and not leave anything in the refrigerator for the family to eat. They would return home at night just before the meeting to pick them up, still having not fed them. Fortunately other people in the church took care of them, but Brother Hagin was considering reporting this pastor to the denominational overseers because of the inhospitable treatment. But the Lord spoke to him and said, Anyone who treats a travelling minister like that will not last long in ministry. A year later the man and his wife had given up their church and were no longer pastoring.

Making Room For The Anointing,

Keith and Mary



Have you ever felt you were in an impossible situation and you just wanted to give up? That is the way Job felt after losing all his children and possessions in a great calamity. You can’t really blame him after such a tragedy, but the good news is that God is the God of resurrection power. The Lord ended up restoring Job’s family and his fortunes, and he had twice as much as he had before. Always remember that you have an advocate in Jesus Christ, He is the one mediator between you and Him. Trust Him to intercede for you when you cannot do it yourself.

Job 8:7 says “And though your beginning was small, your latter end will greatly increase…”

Making Room For The Anointing,

Keith and Mary



When our church takes up the tithes and offerings, they call it “generosity” time,.  The word generosity is defined as the quality of being kind and generous.  This is definitely the season for that, and the more generous you are,  the more the Lord can honor it. He needs your generous actions to respond to. In fact, He says in Proverbs 11:25, that people who are generous will be enriched. Also, when you “water” others you will be “watered” in return.

In what ways can you be generous to someone today?

Making Room For The Anointing,

Keith and Mary



Do you really understand how much God loves you? One of Paul’s most passionate prayers was that the Ephesians would understand the width and length and depth and height of God’s love for them, and that they would be rooted and grounded in that boundless love. He wants you rooted and grounded in that love too, so no wind or wave can move you in any circumstance.  It seems like situations are coming up world wide to put us into fear and sway us away from His love. But if you will put the word to work in your heart by meditating and muttering the Word to yourself, it will go down deep into the fiber of your being and keep you steady no matter what is going on around you. Ask the Lord today to reveal to you more and more of His love and to expand your capacity to receive this awesome love.
“That you may rally come to know practically, through experience for yourselves, the love of Christ….which far surpasses mere knowledge without experience…” Ephesians 3:19

Making Room For The Anointing,

Keith and Mary



One of the strongest desires a person can have is to be loved, accepted and to feel that they belong. We all want a sense of connection and belonging to something or someone, to feel valued. You aren’t guaranteed to always get that when you deal with people, but the Lord will never let you down. Even though He knows everything about you, He still chooses you on purpose. Ephesians 1:4 says He actually picked you out on purpose to be His very own.  Say this out loud right now, “I belong to God.” Doesn’t that lift your spirit to know how precious you are to Him, and to hear you actually say it?

This coming year is one to amplify His word in your heart. That is what we plan to do in our 2019 Arise Conferences, and we encourage you to join us. The first one is coming up in Orange County January 24-26 with Joshua Mills and Pastor Desiree Ayres – bringing the glory and the miraculous. We had Joshua on our TV show earlier this year (you can still watch it on Facebook Live on the Mary Hudson page), and the glory appeared all over us while talking.  Then, with P Desiree, I stayed at her house in the Calabasas hills during the fire there last month.  We could see it off in the distance and stood at her property line and energetically pleaded the Blood. Twenty foot flames came up to her fence but they did not cross over and her house was spared. Miracles!  If you need the glory or the miraculous in your life, be sure to join us at Arise OC, more information at

Making Room For The Anointing,

Keith and Mary



Every year we hold four Arise conferences In California and Hawaii. This year Arise sponsored around 70 women out of shelters, putting them in first class hotels for a great experience. We saw their faces start to glow as they sat under the encouraging word of God.  Arise Maui was no exception, 18 ladies currently living in shelters joined us only to see their lives transformed in His Presence.

Speakers like Lee Grady emphasized discipleship and called for Naomi's in the crowd to mentor younger Ruth's; Lee also talked about Luke 13:12-13, TPT, "When Jesus saw her condition, he called her over and gently laid his hands on her. Then he said, “Dear woman, you are free. I release you forever from this crippling spirit.” Instantly she stood straight and tall and overflowed with glorious praise to God!" He talked about how Jesus called women to the front and they got their voice back.

Tiffany Dooley talked about a "new normal," for mothers to have greater unity with their daughters, and 21 women came to the altar for salvation; by -God gave me a word about breathing life to dry bones until the breath enters them and they become alive.

Additionally, Dr Carmen Lynne encouraged us to FEED ON HIS FAITHFULNESS;  

  • To write down every time that God is faithful to His promises to you;

  • Feed on his goodness in your life. WRITE A FAITHFULNESS LIST!! 

  • What God has done for others, God will do for you! Rom 2:11 FOR GOD TREATS EVERYONE THE SAME. 

Dana Liberatore exhorted us to "Get Off The Bench..."

  • To activate the principles of God in your marriage, in your tithing. 

  • To put first things first!

And MaryAnn Lawrence melted our hearts singing specials like "He'll do it again!"

It was a great conference and our 18 "Diamond Girls" went home shining and sparked into starting new lives.

Making Room For The Anointing,

Keith and Mary



“Men and women who have lived wisely and well will shine brilliantly, like the cloudless, star-strewn night skies. And those who put others on the right path to life will glow like stars forever.” Daniel 12:3


God’s glory shines around about you when you live in wisdom. I remember once being in a meeting in Las Vegas in 1992 where Benny Hinn was the main speaker. The first night he was on his way to minister, he was walking through the casino. As he started up the stairs to the conference room, a gambler came running up behind him, shaking his fist at him and screaming “I don’t believe in God!’ Benny Hinn turned around and looked at the man and said, ‘You are scriptural, brother!” The man looked startled and said, “Why is that?’ Hinn explained, “Psalms 14:1 says a fool in his heart says there is no God.”


Living in wisdom means living in the Word.  Allowing that life giving Word to dominate your feelings makes all the difference in your emotions.  You will be stable and strong instead of weak and off course. He wants to put you on the right path to life so you can glow like a star forever.

Making Room For The Anointing,

Keith and Mary



“Goliath stood there and called out to the Israelite troops, “Why bother using your whole army? Am I not Philistine enough for you? And you’re all committed to Saul, aren’t you? So pick your best fighter and pit him against me. If he gets the upper hand and kills me, the Philistines will all become your slaves. But if I get the upper hand and kill him, you’ll all become our slaves and serve us. I challenge the troops of Israel this day. Give me a man. Let us fight it out together!” When Saul and his troops heard the Philistine’s challenge, they were terrified and lost all hope.” 1 Samuel 17:8,11 - MSG

You may have lost all hope in your situation today but take heart!

Jesus is always there for you and He makes a way of escape if you will listen to His voice. A young unexpected leader in the shepherd boy David arose from nowhere and defeated Goliath, first with his words, then with the action of his slingshot. Start speaking to your situation, start taking it down with your declarations, then take action as the Holy Spirit leads you. 

Making Room For The Anointing,

Keith and Mary