General Patton was outspoken and opinionated man to most people. However he was a fighter and he was one of the main reasons America won the Second World War. against the Nazis. General Patton lived with winning on his mind.  Even his dog was named William the Conqueror.

Your praises and prayers may not be pretty, and other people might think you are radical. But once you start getting results they will want to know what you are doing that they are not. As you speak the Word with conviction against the enemy, he backs down and you overtake His lies. 

There is a book written by a faith-filled lady evangelist from the 1940ties, called Grace Ryerson Roos. She writes about a fight she had with the devil in prayer. She started by pleading the Blood over her situation, and she could see him in her mind’s eye, standing off and laughing at her seemingly feeble attempts to win the battle. But that made her even more determined. As she persevered, she noticed a fear fall over his face and a quiver in his voice as he trembled at the sound of God’s word out of her mouth, aimed directly at him. Just as it was for the enemy on the Mount of Temptation, when he tried to twist Jesus’ words and Jesus quickly rebuked him, he was forced to slowly back down from this resolute prayer warrior and slink away.

You might have an instant manifestation to your words or it can take time. Just be aware that every time you pray in faith, your voice is carrying victory to its intended destination. MichaelAngelo did not finish the sculpture of David overnight. It was a process. What is impossible with men is possible with God.                                                                                                                                                             Mark 11:23-24 “I assure you: if anyone says to this mountain, “Be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes what he says will happen, it will be done for him. Therefore I tell you, all the things you pray and ask for, believe that you HAVE received them and you will have them.” (HCSB)



Sometimes prayers take time to manifest, other times answers come right away.

In John 2:1-12, Jesus was about to start His miracle ministry…but He didn’t realize it until His mother prompted him. “On the third day a wedding took place in Cana of Galilee. Jesus’ mother was there, and Jesus and His disciples were invited to the wedding as well. When the wine ran out, Jesus’ mother told Him, ‘They don’t have any wine.’ ‘What has this concern of yours have to do with me, woman?’ Jesus asked. ‘My hour has not yet come.’

However Mary was not deterred by her son’s words. She had heard from on high and knew the Lord was about to birth Jesus’ miracle ministry. She ignored what He said and instead made preparation for the process to begin. “‘Do whatever He tells you,’ His mother told the servants. Now six stone water jars had been set there for Jewish purification. Each contained twenty or thirty gallons.” Apparently Jesus changed His mind once He saw they were getting ready for the miraculous. 

What are you preparing for?

The next thing Jesus said to the servants was “ ‘Fill the jars with water.’ So they filled them to the brim. ‘Now draw some out and take it to the chief servant.’ And they did.”

Once Jesus started directing the process, miracles began.

This passage continues, “When the chief servant had tasted the water (after it had become wine), he did not know where it came from – though the servants who had drawn the water knew. He called the groom and told him, ‘Everybody sets out the fine wine first, then, after people have drunk freely, the inferior. But you have kept the fine wine until now.’ Jesus performed His first miracle in Cana of Galilee, He displayed His glory and His disciples believed in Him.”

Even though Jesus Himself didn’t see it coming, He flowed with it once it was ready! You may not be able to define at this moment how God is going to use you in the future, but allow yourself to be moved along by scripture that comes alive in you, a prophetic word that resonates with your heart, a friend that speaks a passing word to you.

They are signposts to the glory filled life God has for you.


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“The prophetic word: the one light you have in a dark time as you wait for daybreak and the rising of the morning star in your hearts…1 Peter 1:19-21

When you receive a personal word of prophecy, God is building you up and encouraging you. Anything less than that is not of the Lord. A true prophetic word lights your way through the darkness. Never take it for granted. If a prophecy resonates with you, seize it, write it down and pray it out.  God is showing you a stake you can tie your prayers to.

A word of wisdom given to a biology teacher, (who knew every part of the human body inside and out, and taught it in high school regularly), was that he would be healed by the end of the year.  The only problem was that he was not even sick. However, two months later in April he did come down with lymphoma, a type of cancer his sister had died from 18 months earlier. Naturally he went to the doctor who put him through the standard radiation and chemotherapy treatments.  Thank God for doctors but they can only give you the facts.  Doctor Jesus has the truth.  Facts can change, but truth does not.

By the time September rolled around this man was no better according to medical science.  His physician told him to wrap up his affairs, because he was not going to make it.  However this teacher was not going to take death as the final verdict. He decided to pick up the prophetic word instead and go outside to his backyard and declare it.  See, the Lord cannot do anything without your words. You are a speaking spirit. When this man opened his mouth and reminded the Lord that He said he would be healed by the end of the year, he was standing his ground.  You need to take territory, be firm with the word you receive and don’t back down.  The very next week his white blood cell count started to change.  By the end of that year, his words had changed his life.  He was healed.  The doctors called it a miracle but this man’s miracle came from his mouth.  That is where yours will come from too.


live carefree 102317.jpg

“So be content with who you are and don’t put on airs. God’s strong hand is on you. He will promote you at the right time. Live carefree before God, He is most careful with you….” 1 Peter 5:6-7 MSG

Sometimes we are so caught up in doing everything perfectly by ourselves, it is like we have spiritual OCD. But what the Lord is saying here is relax, release the weight of your problem, cast your care on me.  And what is so interesting about that is vrs 6, where in the KJV version it reads, “Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God…..” Humility is not wearing a hair shirt and being beaten by whips until your back is bleeding.  No, they might have thought that was really spiritual to do that in the Middle Ages, but God is saying here you are seriously flowing with Him when you allow Him to take the care, worry, concern OFF of your mind and put it onto His. To do this means you really have to be open to His perfect will in your life, which is exactly what humility is. Pride is when you close yourself OFF to listening to the Lord for solutions, and saying “I can do this MY way.” Your way without God’s way can lead into no way. Make sure you are releasing all your issues on Him and don’t even think about picking them back up again. The enemy will try to hang these situations in front of you like dirty laundry but keep the fact in your mind that the greater one lives in you and he keeps you clothed in clean garments as you keep your ear attuned to the heavenlies.



Do you have anything in your life that is incomplete today, a dream that has not come to pass? Maybe that problem in your life has not turned around yet. 

But you have seen some progress, you have seen a sign of God's favor. But the work is still unfinished.  The mistake we make too often is that we wait for the total victory to manifest before we celebrate the victory.  

-"As soon as I get over this illness..."

-As soon as this legal situation clears up

-As soon as I break free from this addiction....THEN I will celebrate.

No, the key to seeing total fulfillment is celebrating the partial victories along the way.

You may not be totally out of debt but you have paid off one credit card.
-Celebrate what God has done!

You haven't lost all the weight but you did lose five pounds
-celebrate that victory

You haven't received your college degree but you did finish your first year
-When you celebrate your partial victories, it gives you the strength to move forward.

A lady who recently had a stroke was walking with a cane -

We asked how she was doing. She could have complained, 'I can't believe I had this stroke, I can hardly walk anymore.' Instead she smiled real big and said 'I have to use this cane but at least I am walking. I could be at home, I could be in bed, I am not totally healed but I am headed that way...' When you thank God for the partial, you will receive more strength, more healing, more favor. Sometimes we are so focused on the completion, we miss and take for granted the small victories.

Your child may not be on course yet but he was respectful this morning. That is a partial victory, thank God for it. Or maybe your didn't make that big sale that you worked so hard for.  Things fell though.  Don't go around complaining, your time is coming. Then there are those anxiety attacks. But you haven't had one in three weeks -another partial victory.

It is time to rejoice your way through to total victory no matter what your situation looks like: 

HAB 3:17
hough the cherry trees don’t blossom
    and the strawberries don’t ripen,
Though the apples are worm-eaten
    and the wheat fields stunted,
Though the sheep pens are sheepless
    and the cattle barns empty,
I’m singing joyful praise to God.
    I’m turning cartwheels of joy to my Savior God.
Counting on God’s Rule to prevail,
    I take heart and gain strength.
I run like a deer.
    I feel like I’m king of the mountain! 



Do you sometimes feel lost in a sea of people, over 7.5 billion of them to be exact? Don’t let your feelings deceive you. God is so detailed He gave you a unique DNA, fingerprint and iris in your eyes. He loves you so much that He always wants your identity to be distinct.

“What’s the price of two or three pet canaries? Some loose change, right? But God never overlooks a single one. And He pays even greater attention to you, down to the last detail – even numbering the hairs on your head. So don’t be intimidated by all this bully talk. You’re worth more than a million canaries.” Luke 12:6-7 msg

Listen, if God is so concerned about a little bird, how much more does He care about you, a human being He created in His image.  Think about how many miracles have occurred in your life already, be thankful for the flowers in the field, the small victories that occur before the actual manifestation of your prayers. I like to write them down, the times I interceded for the situations, and the obvious results of those prayers.  It is such an encouragement to know that God is always watching over me, and He never leaves me or forsakes me. So never think you are alone, He is always there with you. Be sure to reach out to others as compassion leads you. That is Jesus showing you the way to bring His Presence on the scene. Once you are reaching out, you will never reach in again.


open doors.jpg

The Hebrew year 5778 started last month with its theme, Open Doors.  After the close of 5777, whose byline was the Year of the Clashing of Swords, there will be  less warfare by the end of this calendar year. It is the year to enter the door with boldness, securing the door to your future. People realize it is time to come together in unity, where God commands a blessing.  Strife divides relationships. The enemy sits in hell and rubs his hands in glee when he sees people constantly arguing with each other, since he knows what a weak link it creates in marriages, homes, nations and even the body of Christ. When you become aware of his strategy, you understand how important it is to rise above anger and settle into peace. Listen, you may not be able to agree with your spouse, boss or co-worker, but you will find it wise to take the high ground and avoid disagreement.  The favor of God will shine upon your ways. I was recently on a plane about to sit in a great aisle seat with no partition, allowing room to stretch out my legs on a six-hour flight.  However as I stowed my purse above me, I had the feeling I would not be there long.  Sure enough an elderly British lady came along on a cane, whose leg was locked in an upright position. She needed room to stick it straight out. She and her companion kindly asked if I would consider switching, to the window seat. Although I was happy to help, I was not keen, because I like to move around on long flights. But the stewardess reassured me if I would change, she would ask the next person if they would move.

When this passenger arrived at her seat, she was irritated someone was in her seat. In spite of medical issues, she was not willing to move and started to shove me into the aisle. However as I maintained the peace, the stewardess intervened and asked the person in the aisle seat behind the lame lady if he would move to a window. He readily agreed, I ended up sitting across the aisle from my companion travelling with me, as well as being able to put my bag underneath so I could write. I was even able to talk to the lady about healing.  All by avoiding strife and keeping the peace, you will open doors in your life this coming year. Watch what comes out of your mouth, it is the steering wheel of your life. Unity always trumps strife.


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“Then He drove it home by saying, This isn’t pie in the sky by and by. Some of you who are standing here are going to see it happen, see the Kingdom of God arrive in full force.  Six days later, three of them DID see it. Jesus took Peter, James and John and led them up a high mountain. His appearance changed from the inside out, right before their eyes. His clothes shimmered glistening white, whiter than any bleach could make them….Just then a light-radiant cloud enveloped them, and from deep in the cloud, a voice: “This is my Son, marked by my love. Listen to Him.” Mk 9:7 msg

Listening to the voice of the Lord is not a deep mystical thing.  God talks to you plainly and clearly through His word.  He is a practical God. Never forget the simplicity which is in Christ Jesus. As you read along in the Bible as a born again Christian, your spirit becomes increasingly alive unto God. He downloads passages of scripture, words and phrases that jump out to you, literally illuminated by His love. He wants you to be full of His light, but not the counterfeit the world wants to dump on you. 2 Cor 11:14 amp talks about “And no wonder, since Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light…” There is the real radiance that comes from being in God’s presence, then there is the complicated mysticism that comes from false gods.  Only by spending time in the Word and worship will your spirit be keen enough to tell the difference.  It is vital that we are sharp in Him in these last days.

The Lord wants you to know Him, the real thing, not some dead idol. He and he alone will bring light and life to your situation.




‘When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him….” Is 59:19 KJV

There is only one group of people who can restore values in the USA:  It is the body of Christ answering their wake-up call.  When you get up at 3:45 am to catch a 6 am flight out of your hometown, you can’t dilly dally in bed waiting for the second snooze alarm.  You have to turn off that clock on your phone and leap out of bed.

If you want to be on that airplane, there is not a moment to lose.  As Americans face seemingly overwhelming threats from North Korea, Iran and other groups who want to destroy the fabric of American society, you have the spiritual authority to silence the storm.  The time is now to wake up and take your place spiritually. When the enemy shows himself strong, it takes a praying church that knows who they are in Christ to take him down.

When Colossians 1:27 says, “Christ in you, the hope of glory,’ we add to that, “help yourself.” Christianity is not a spectator sport. If you are going to see victory in this or any situation in your life, you can’t depend on education, experience, personality or past works. Your entire source is the Holy Spirit if you really want to be a man or woman of God. Begin taking more time to listen to him; any time of the day or night you can be in the spirit of prayer, walking quietly before God, taking your stand against demonic forces. Millions of people worldwide are diligent and disciplined in their devotion to false gods. Even though these people live in darkness and are spiritually blind, they put many Christians to shame by their devotion and consecration. But only the true and living God answers prayer. And because He is the only One who can help, we come to Him in faith. He is waiting to hear from you today.



The testimonies of women delivered from bondage continue to pour in from the past 45 plus Arise Conferences that have been held over the last 11 years. Women have risen up to leadership in their communities with a passion and a fire to change culture and hearts in their own hometowns. Join with us to educate and renew the minds of shelter women we are bringing to the Maui meeting October 5-7. Our theme this year is “radiant”, as in Eph 5:25-28 msg, “’Christ’s love makes the church whole. His words evoke her beauty. Everything he does and says is designed to bring the best out of her, dressing her in dazzling white silk, radiant in holiness.”

If you would can help us bring these women up to victory in their lives, our $9000 educational budget is already down to $7500.  Whatever the Lord leads you to do will be a great blessing in their lives and yours.



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As a human being (not a human ‘doing,’ although you might feel that way sometimes), you are a tri-part person. First, you are a spirit which will live for eternity; Second, you have a soul, which is your mind, will and emotions; and third, you inhabit a body, which is your fleshly outer
casing (sometimes there is too much of it in which case you have to decrease your intake). Why am I saying all that today? Because we spend so much time on this body when it is your spirit that will last forever. Pastors used to say, ‘we feed our flesh three square meals a day and our spirit one snack a week!’ So watch what you say over your body. Phrases like ‘This will be the death of me yet!’ or, ‘I will kill you if you do that again...’ are powerful when you say them. God started it all when He created man with His words. And now His words literally hold galaxies together. Your words may not move the stars, but they will affect your life. Change what you say and watch God do the impossible. He watches over His Word to perform it.

“He holds everything together by what He says – powerful words!” Heb 1:2 msg


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Sometimes society seems so dark you scratch your head, thinking, ‘Will this ever change?’ But darkness can never overtake the light. Even when Israel went through a dark period where no one acknowledged the Lord, God sent an exiled priest out of Syria (of all places) to teach the people how to honor and worship God.

Even today there are thousands of Chinese missionaries being sent to the United States from the underground church in mainland China. Even though millions suffer horrendous persecution in that nation for their faith, they are passionate about Jesus. Many times even their pastors are jailed, tortured and killed. But that does not stop them from being a light, it actually propels them on. In a recent conference at Che Ahn’s church in Pasadena, CA, prophetess Cindy Jacobs declared that hundreds of evangelists were coming from everywhere to minister on the streets of California.

So don’t despair if you don’t see anything happening in your community – yet! God will send the most random people to cross your family and friend’s paths. Let Him do it, and take your hands off the wheel. When the priest began to teach the people, “They sang their praises with joy and reverence, kneeling in worship…” 2 Chron 29:30 msg. Not only that, God wasted no time in answering once the “ascending sound of their prayers entered His holy heaven…” vrs 36

Even when things look the worst for you, God will turn it around. He is the Waymaker. But you have to turn to Him in the process.



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Hezekiah became king of Israel at 25 and immediately had to face the armies of Syria bent on destroying his nation. Fortunately this king took a sharp turn away from previous rulers and followed the Lord. “Hezekiah put his whole trust in the God of Israel. There was no king quite like him, either before or after. He held fast to God, never loosened his grip – and obeyed to the letter everything God had commanded Moses. And God, for His part, held fast to him through all his adventures.” 2 ki 18:5-6 msg.

God will stick by you today no matter what you are going through if you wholly trust in Him.  We attended Pastor Jerry Zirkle’s church in Tulsa, OK, in the late 80ties. Pastor Jerry relied on prayer and encouraged his congregation to pray with him in the sanctuary every morning at 6 am.  He used to admonish people not to be “Holy Ghost Junior.” Once you have prayed, he said, leave it with the Lord, and don’t keep repeating it.  Start thanking and praising God before you see the answer.

The threats Hezekiah endured from the Syrian King were vicious. Not only were the Syrians planning to destroy Jerusalem, they were going to wipe out the whole country. It was sort of like pre-fight banter between McGregor to Mayweather before the Irishman was soundly defeated in last week-end’s battle.

But what will bring your victory is you communicating with God.  It worked for Hezekiah. When he realized what he was up against, he “went to the Temple .. and spread the letter before God. And Hezekiah prayed – oh how he prayed!”  (2 Kings: 14-15) And the Lord answered his prayer by sending an angel who massacred 185,00 Assyrians in one night.

Now I don’t know how God is going to answer you, but it is up to you to lay your heart before Him. He IS a God who will always stand by you no matter what, if you will take the time to pray with passion.


social persecution_2.jpg

Social persecution is often called discrimination. It consists of making people outcasts. An example of extreme mental and spiritual persecution is seen when Peter and John were threatened not to preach the gospel in Acts 5: 40-42, “After giving them a thorough whipping, they warned them not to speak in Jesus’ name and sent them off. The apostles went out of the High Council overjoyed because they had been given the honor of being dishonored on account of the Name. Every day they were in the Temple and homes, teaching and preaching Christ Jesus, not letting up for a minute.”

When we were first married we were associate pastors of a church in Las Vegas, Nevada. One night we were invited to a church conference at the Desert Inn Hotel, only to see a picket line across the front entrance. But we wanted to hear the speaker so we decided to drive slowly through. As we did, picketers reluctantly parted to allow the car to pass, but not without one belligerent man approaching us and asking Keith if I was his
who**. Keith’s answer to this bully was not what the man expected. Keith looked him straight in the eye and said, “You know, Brother, Jesus really loves you…” The mans face noticeably fell, and he walked away. The
Word never goes out void.

Thank you for helping us sponsor Diamond Girls for the upcoming Arise Maui Conference October 5-7. We have seen ladies set free from domestic violence shelters in the Hawaiian Islands for the past nine years, with life changing testimonies. Eleven out of 12 women are now paid for, only one is left for $350. These ladies will receive cosmetic and spiritual makeovers, with energizing speakers there to encourage them to see themselves as over comers. Would you consider being a part of this life changing work? Help a woman turn her wounds
into wisdom! It will come back to you on every wave .



The dividing line of the Bible is John 10:10, "I have come to give you life and that more abundantly; the devil comes to kill, steal and destroy." When you are in unity with Jesus, it is going to bring abundance to your life, family, finances and future. But the enemy does not want this to happen, his modus operandi is division, death and destruction. If he can lure you away from the Bible, prayer and church, a spark that jumps out of the fire goes out. One couple who started a church with the pastors 20 years ago were so on fire for the Lord. As the years went by their business grew more prosperous. They decided to move their factory 60 miles away and move with it, but no church. Slowly their passion for Jesus started to wane until they were divorced and bankrupt. However a second couple came into the church down and out, sat under the word of God for six months and beyond. Their lives and marriage were totally revitalized and restored. #theloveofGod #abundantlife


One thing will save America, it is not the government. It is an awakening to God.

America is destined for another great move of the Spirit but the devil does not want it to happen. However we have tools to defeat him, just like you have garden forks to uproot the your weeds. But if we don't pick them up and put them to work, thistles, dandelions and clover will spring up and choke the life out of your flowers. That's when you have to rise up and take authority in prayer over forces that try to stop the move of His Presence.

The First Great Awakening created the system of American education. Ivy League colleges in the East Coast began as ministerial training schools.Harvard was formed in 1636 and was thoroughly Christian. It's mission statement began with, " Let every student be plainly instructed and earnestly pressed that the main end of life and study is to know God and His Son, Jesus Christ...." Connecticut Puritans began Yale in 1701 to give youth a "religious education so that leaders for the churches should not be lacking..." Most grade schools and universities were patterned like this until after the Civil War.

So what is our part now to see America wake up? It starts with prayer. 1 Timothy 2:1-2 instructs us to "First of all then I urge that supplications, prayers, intercession and giving of thanks be made for al men, for kinds and all who are in authority that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence." Lift up your leaders before family, friends or finances. You will be glad you did, if you want to live in peace, no matter who you voted for.

We were in a meeting in Tulsa, OK, in 1989 when East German Pastors were speaking right after the fall of the Berlin Wall. They said if they had not decided to walk in love and pray for the communists who treated them so cruelly, that the wall would have never come down. When you walk according to His Word, even when it goes against your feelings, God prevails. 


Waking up after a long sleep is so refreshing to your mind and your spirit.  Just think that every night your body requires six to eight hours of rest  to get you ready to conquer another day.  Lately it seems like Christians are beginning to wake up to the fact that a worldwide awakening is the only solution to bring people to the Lord.  Sometimes it feels like the weight of the news is overwhelming and you just have to anesthetize yourself from it. No, it is time for the clouds to clear up and for you to fire up. A small spark can start a huge fire. Remember when you used to camp out and you had to start a fire without matches?  You found the driest sticks in the forest and rubbed them together with passionate determination. That is the same principal in prayer for a spiritual awakening.  You focus on a target and pray fervently.  Then, once you sense the peace of God, you praise Him and proclaim His Word - especially when your confidence starts to drift..  Kenneth E. Hagin used to say that the word is like a chess game.  In Phillipians 4:6-8, verse 6 is our move. 

“Be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God..”

-So first you tell the Lord your requests and thank Him for His answer in advance….

Then verse 7 is the Lord’s move….

“and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus…. “.

He releases His peace on you as you do this…

Finally verse 8 is your move to seal your prayer…

“Finally brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue, and if there is anything praiseworthy, think on THESE things.”

This will help to give you the jump start you need to rev your engines again and wake up…

The Source of Life

“The source of life, Christ, who puts us together in one piece, whose very breath and blood flow through us. He is the Head and we are the body. We can grow up healthy in God only as He nourishes us.” Col 2:18-19 msg

I will never forget the day the Lord appeared to me on a train in between Washington DC and New York City.  I was a CBS radio news director in Las Vegas, constantly being egged on by my station owner to produce more edgy stories.  So when I received a White House invitation to interview the President and his cabinet, my boss whisked me on my way.

The day finally arrived and President Jimmy Carter took my first question about the Nevada Nuclear Test Site. I was also able to cabinet members in the actual White House cabinet room.

The next day, my movie director brother had arranged for an interview at CBS news in New York. I was looking forward to going to the hub of world television at that time, after a heady day with the major leaders of the free world. I relaxed in my seat on the train between Washington DC and New York. Suddenly, before my very eyes, the Lord appeared to me. Dressed in a long white robe, he radiated the love of God. I was justifiably shocked since I was far away from Him at the time. For Him to appear to me was the last thing I would have expected. He spoke to me in spite of that, saying “I am more powerful than any of this.”

Those words burned in my heart. There I was, going from the most powerful political center of the world to the largest international media outlet. And Jesus Himself was saying to me He is more powerful than any of this. Power structures and world leaders can strike awe in your head, but only the Lord can hold onto your heart for eternity. There are many voices in this world but only one worth listening to. Put Him first and you will always hear accurately.



This is often a word bandied about concerning your life story after you move to heaven, legacy can also mean what you leave behind for others to pick up. Will it be a spiritual gift that people will treasure, as lifelong loyalty and integrity, or will it be mental garbage that needs to be trashed like unforgiveness and unfaithfulness?

Seeing a great legacy was obvious at the 90th birthday of Ralph Wilkerson. Pastor Ralph and wife Allene rode the crest of the wave of the charismatic movement with their explosive church next to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA, in 1961. Starting with 29 people to 3000 some five years later would not be remarkable today in the era of megachurches, but Melodyland Christian Center was a phenomena at the time. Pastor Ralph was not deterred by religious spirits of the day, nor is he 56 years later when he stood up and declared how important it is for every Christian today to have the infilling of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

Great preachers emerged from his church throughout the years, including Kathryn Kuhlman who ministered there often, Bob Harrison, Tim Storey, John Wimber and many others. Hailed as one of the greatest transition preachers in 100 years, Pastor Ralph declared how relationship is so much more important than ministry; He said, ‘Actually relationship IS ministry.’ He also told people, ‘If I can be used by God, YOU can be used by God.” His humility was always a defining part of his life.

Actually the word ‘charismatic’ was coined by Bob Harrison’s father when P Wilkerson was deliberating on how to describe the Melodyland outpouring. Buick cars had a new easier-to-use gearshift they were calling ‘cruisamatic." So Mr Harrison Sr., a professor of philosophy and divinity, told P Ralph, 'why not call this revival ‘charismatic,’ (which actually means ‘ going to a higher level.’) And so the term charismatic was created nearly 60 years ago through a church that exploded by speaking in tongues.  


“It's better to be wise than strong; intelligence outranks muscle any day. Strategic planning is the key to warfare; to win, you need a lot of good counsel.” Prov 24:6 Msg

Spending a month working out with weights, swimming laps, or running up mountains will tone your body. But all that work, as good as it is, has little affect on who you really are. You are a spirit, and you will live forever either in heaven or hell. You also have a soul, which is your mind, will and emotions, and finally your outer shell, which is your body. You are a three part being according to 1 Thess 5:23.

Great strategy lines up your soul with your spirit, not your body. Your body can give you a many choices, but when these decisions don’t flow with the Word, you will be tossed to and fro on the waves of life instead of planting your feet on The Rock.

It is time for a life change then the same pattern seems to take you around and around the same merry-go-round. There is a frieze around the Library of Congress with a quote from Thomas Jefferson, “A man who writes is an exact man….”  When you write words and phrases down as you read the Bible, a life strategy becomes obvious.

The Word reveals His plans for your life. You can meditate to a 10,000 year old demon spirit doing TM or you can follow the Father of Spirits, God Himself. He exposes His plans for you as you do, and they are always good.

You can choose any direction in life you want to go.  But I always see people far happier when they find the Real Thing, instead of a deceptive imitation which continually leads you down a dead end. Find a good church that feeds you, or even watch a great Bible teacher online in case you are not ready to take that step.  God has it all worked out, there is nothing to fear. He is ready to drop a spirit of power, love and a sound mind into your heart, so go for it!


"Dear child, if you become wise, I’ll be one happy parent. My heart will dance and sing to the tuneful truth you’ll speak.” Pro 23:15-16

You may have seen the movie Happy Feet. Mumble the penguin is born into a tribe that can only find their soul mates by singing a “heartsong.” If the male's song matches the female’s, the two penguins are linked for life. But Mumble has a huge disability: he can’t sing! However he does have one redeeming talent; Mumble can tap dance. But no other member of his tribe has ever encountered a dancing penguin. So Mumble becomes an outcast. Instead of accepting defeat, Mumble chooses to rejoice. He finds a another group of penguins who do accept him. Later he even makes his way back to his own tribe and dances his way to the penguin wife of his dreams.

This is the choice parents get to make when a family situation seems to go awry. First of all, don’t let rejection get to you, but decide to be thankful. You can either stay down or you can rise up. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, rejoice your way to victory. Your attitude is the only thing people can't take away from you. How you think and what you say makes all the difference in any spiritual battle.

Choose your weapons: do you want to stay in defeat for the rest of your life or are you ready to praise your way out of it? One friend of ours was completely overcome by the choices her daughter was making, but she decided to change her approach. Instead of looking at the girl's actions, this Mother kept her eyes on the Lord. The daughter was so shocked, she asked her Mom, “Is someone coaching you?” The Mom laughed and knew she was on the right track.

Find someone else who has successfully overcome what you are battling. Stick close to them and find out how the Holy Spirit directed them. He might have a totally different strategy for you, but It is confirmation you are on the right path.