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The Hebrew year 5778 started last month with its theme, Open Doors.  After the close of 5777, whose byline was the Year of the Clashing of Swords, there will be  less warfare by the end of this calendar year. It is the year to enter the door with boldness, securing the door to your future. People realize it is time to come together in unity, where God commands a blessing.  Strife divides relationships. The enemy sits in hell and rubs his hands in glee when he sees people constantly arguing with each other, since he knows what a weak link it creates in marriages, homes, nations and even the body of Christ. When you become aware of his strategy, you understand how important it is to rise above anger and settle into peace. Listen, you may not be able to agree with your spouse, boss or co-worker, but you will find it wise to take the high ground and avoid disagreement.  The favor of God will shine upon your ways. I was recently on a plane about to sit in a great aisle seat with no partition, allowing room to stretch out my legs on a six-hour flight.  However as I stowed my purse above me, I had the feeling I would not be there long.  Sure enough an elderly British lady came along on a cane, whose leg was locked in an upright position. She needed room to stick it straight out. She and her companion kindly asked if I would consider switching, to the window seat. Although I was happy to help, I was not keen, because I like to move around on long flights. But the stewardess reassured me if I would change, she would ask the next person if they would move.

When this passenger arrived at her seat, she was irritated someone was in her seat. In spite of medical issues, she was not willing to move and started to shove me into the aisle. However as I maintained the peace, the stewardess intervened and asked the person in the aisle seat behind the lame lady if he would move to a window. He readily agreed, I ended up sitting across the aisle from my companion travelling with me, as well as being able to put my bag underneath so I could write. I was even able to talk to the lady about healing.  All by avoiding strife and keeping the peace, you will open doors in your life this coming year. Watch what comes out of your mouth, it is the steering wheel of your life. Unity always trumps strife.