Monte & Peggy

Faith Christian Outreach Church

Monte & Peggy Knudsen pastor a thriving church in Mount Pleasant, Iowa. They have been foster parents to over 100 children and ended up adopting six of them. However one daughter decided to move away and was estranged from her mother for over two years, even blocking her from Facebook.

The Lord had a word for the distraught Mom this past April, that the whole family would be together again at Christmas. And after miraculous intervention, so it was!

 The daughter came home and rededicated her life to the Lord, along with her new baby and her boyfriend who she is marrying in the church this spring.

Chuck Motta


"Over 125 youth come to the altar in Lakeland, Florida in an anointed service with over 400 people. One fifth grader on community service laid at the altar and wept before the Lord. 

I was thoroughly moved and personally touched by Keith’s preaching and Mary`s prophetic word over my wife and me. Keith talked about how God gives back to those who are generous givers. I am here to testify to that. My wife and I wanted to give as much as we could afford. We don`t earn much but God has blessed us with good jobs, a lovely home, and wonderful children. Our offering to your ministry was rewarded two days later. We received notice from our mortgage company that we overpaid last year and they were sending us a check for $600. AND our mortgage payment itself was reduced $93. Praise God and keep up the good work!"


Heritage Family Fellowship

"I was not going to come to hear you speak because I thought our Pastor had just invited you as a guest minister because you were a friend of his, but your ministry has totally changed my perspective and challenged my heart on some things concerning this next generation. I will never be the same. Thank you for coming and ministering to us, Brother Keith."



A word the Lord gave to a young twelve year old through Mary at the October conference at C3 Church, Geneva, Switzerland:
"You are an athlete, so fast your parents have a hard time keeping track of you, but you will be like David coming after Goliath with your slingshot and your testimony."


Baptiste’s parents are extreme athletes. His mother, Raphaelle, was the world champion in freestyle skiing for six years and his father, Christophe, is a crack photographer for Salomon Skis. Baptiste is currently training to be a pro athlete!
His younger sister, Juliette, also received a word that the Lord would use her to write new songs and that she will be a worshiper with singing!

UPDATE: Even at her young age, Juliette is already diligently writing poetry and putting it to music.