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“The prophetic word: the one light you have in a dark time as you wait for daybreak and the rising of the morning star in your hearts…1 Peter 1:19-21

When you receive a personal word of prophecy, God is building you up and encouraging you. Anything less than that is not of the Lord. A true prophetic word lights your way through the darkness. Never take it for granted. If a prophecy resonates with you, seize it, write it down and pray it out.  God is showing you a stake you can tie your prayers to.

A word of wisdom given to a biology teacher, (who knew every part of the human body inside and out, and taught it in high school regularly), was that he would be healed by the end of the year.  The only problem was that he was not even sick. However, two months later in April he did come down with lymphoma, a type of cancer his sister had died from 18 months earlier. Naturally he went to the doctor who put him through the standard radiation and chemotherapy treatments.  Thank God for doctors but they can only give you the facts.  Doctor Jesus has the truth.  Facts can change, but truth does not.

By the time September rolled around this man was no better according to medical science.  His physician told him to wrap up his affairs, because he was not going to make it.  However this teacher was not going to take death as the final verdict. He decided to pick up the prophetic word instead and go outside to his backyard and declare it.  See, the Lord cannot do anything without your words. You are a speaking spirit. When this man opened his mouth and reminded the Lord that He said he would be healed by the end of the year, he was standing his ground.  You need to take territory, be firm with the word you receive and don’t back down.  The very next week his white blood cell count started to change.  By the end of that year, his words had changed his life.  He was healed.  The doctors called it a miracle but this man’s miracle came from his mouth.  That is where yours will come from too.