God has a great life waiting for you and your family. Your children will only be living with you for a short time. Your joyful attitude during those 18 years or so will make all the difference of how unified your family is after that.

I remember being very depressed for a three month period years ago while our children were all still at home. This may have happened to you at times or is even happening to you right now.  It was a challenge to get up in the morning. It was like a wet blanket was pulled over my head. After 90 days of this I opened my bible to

Ps 113:9 amp, “He makes the barren woman to be a joyful mother of spiritual children.”

What was the Lord saying here? That I was supposed to rejoice in the middle of a unhappy situation? The words were jumping off the page at me, saying, if you want your children to be spiritual, you will need to get happy. Judgment and sorrow always drags you down, but God wants you to look to His promises, and keep focused on His goodness. He is the judge, not you. When you become aware of that He will never let you down.

There was a time when we were pastoring in the 80ties that a couple who helped us start the church decided to leave it after a couple of years.  Keith was distressed and went about moaning and groaning about the loss of them leaving. But the Lord rebuked him and said, “If you don’t take care of the ones you have left, they will leave too.” Fortunately Keith took heed of that word and the church grew and prospered from that point on.  However it was because he decided to change his attitude.  You can stay in the pit of depression or move to the palace of joy.  Your choice, but when you consider His joy is your strength but depression is your weakness, then you realize it is time to get strong in the Lord and move away from depression.

We have seen so many families turn around when this principle is applied. Start applying it yourself by changing your attitude and looking up. You can endure the day or pursue His presence and experience fullness of joy. That is why looking into the Word when things get tough, and letting Him speak to you out of the scriptures, makes all the difference.