Do you really understand how much God loves you? One of Paul’s most passionate prayers was that the Ephesians would understand the width and length and depth and height of God’s love for them, and that they would be rooted and grounded in that boundless love. He wants you rooted and grounded in that love too, so no wind or wave can move you in any circumstance.  It seems like situations are coming up world wide to put us into fear and sway us away from His love. But if you will put the word to work in your heart by meditating and muttering the Word to yourself, it will go down deep into the fiber of your being and keep you steady no matter what is going on around you. Ask the Lord today to reveal to you more and more of His love and to expand your capacity to receive this awesome love.
“That you may rally come to know practically, through experience for yourselves, the love of Christ….which far surpasses mere knowledge without experience…” Ephesians 3:19

Making Room For The Anointing,

Keith and Mary