Workouts in the gym are useful but a disciplined life in God is far more so, making you fit today and forever.” 

1 Tim 4:5-10 msg


Think of that! When you spend time with the Lord on a daily basis, you are not just building yourself up for the next 24 hours, you are edifying yourself for eternity.

Daily exercise is a great tool to get your heart rate up, increase your muscles and decrease body fat, but reading the word and prayer puts you into the river of life  that fires you up internally and never runs out. Think if you never had to go to the gym, pilates, core class or the elliptical again! You do of course in this life, but putting that same time into your spiritual life will carry you into the Presence of God - in your everyday life as well as once you leave this earth. There are so many translations you can access even on your smart phone these days, although I always like having a copy of the printed word around as well.  You never have to charge it overnight, for one thing. And your notes always stay in the margins!  But whatever you do to read and study the word and get into His Presence, just keep at it. It pays eternal dividends.


Making Room For The Anointing,

Keith and Mary