Sometimes only God can make something happen in your life.  When the enemy gets you impatient, frustrated and fretful, it is just your flesh attempting to get something done.
You can pray and believe for a breakthrough, and it seems like nothing is happening. But Jesus explains that to us in the patient farmer of Mark 4:26-28. This man sows his seed and then goes his way, sleeping and rising. Eventually the ground brings forth its yield on its own. “The earth produces (acting) by itself, first the blade, then the ear, then the full grain in the ear.” V. 28. Acting by itself!  Sometimes you plant your seed and just leave it alone, water it with praise, and let God give the increase. We used to use a phrase, “You are not the Holy Ghost Junior,” LOL.
The farmer doesn’t exactly know when the harvest will come, but his job is to get up in the morning, do his work, and go to bed at night. He keeps his patient vigil over the seed he has sown until he receives his harvest.
The Lord is trying to tell us this is how we should respond to God, but we are often impatient. The farmer never knows when his crop is going to come in but he continues faithfully to enrich his crops and cultivate his soil.  If we hear what the Lord is saying here and follow His lead, that crop will produce for you in no time.
Making Room For The Anointing,

Keith and Mary