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Sometimes society seems so dark you scratch your head, thinking, ‘Will this ever change?’ But darkness can never overtake the light. Even when Israel went through a dark period where no one acknowledged the Lord, God sent an exiled priest out of Syria (of all places) to teach the people how to honor and worship God.

Even today there are thousands of Chinese missionaries being sent to the United States from the underground church in mainland China. Even though millions suffer horrendous persecution in that nation for their faith, they are passionate about Jesus. Many times even their pastors are jailed, tortured and killed. But that does not stop them from being a light, it actually propels them on. In a recent conference at Che Ahn’s church in Pasadena, CA, prophetess Cindy Jacobs declared that hundreds of evangelists were coming from everywhere to minister on the streets of California.

So don’t despair if you don’t see anything happening in your community – yet! God will send the most random people to cross your family and friend’s paths. Let Him do it, and take your hands off the wheel. When the priest began to teach the people, “They sang their praises with joy and reverence, kneeling in worship…” 2 Chron 29:30 msg. Not only that, God wasted no time in answering once the “ascending sound of their prayers entered His holy heaven…” vrs 36

Even when things look the worst for you, God will turn it around. He is the Waymaker. But you have to turn to Him in the process.