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As a human being (not a human ‘doing,’ although you might feel that way sometimes), you are a tri-part person. First, you are a spirit which will live for eternity; Second, you have a soul, which is your mind, will and emotions; and third, you inhabit a body, which is your fleshly outer
casing (sometimes there is too much of it in which case you have to decrease your intake). Why am I saying all that today? Because we spend so much time on this body when it is your spirit that will last forever. Pastors used to say, ‘we feed our flesh three square meals a day and our spirit one snack a week!’ So watch what you say over your body. Phrases like ‘This will be the death of me yet!’ or, ‘I will kill you if you do that again...’ are powerful when you say them. God started it all when He created man with His words. And now His words literally hold galaxies together. Your words may not move the stars, but they will affect your life. Change what you say and watch God do the impossible. He watches over His Word to perform it.

“He holds everything together by what He says – powerful words!” Heb 1:2 msg